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Nikki Poops In Public

Nikki poops her snug fitting Pampers pullup in a crowded supermarket... and gets caught!

So I'd decided to make a really awesome and daring movie based on one of my biggest fantasies - pooping myself in public. I'd held on all day yesterday to make sure that I could do a really big load. Putting on a pullup under a little pink skirt we drove to the supermarket. The parking lot was pretty busy and my nerves kicked in a bit, and I felt maybe I couldn't go through with it.

Maybe I should have taken that as a warning sign, but I was already feeling horny! Pooping myself in public has always been a major masturbation fantasy of mine, but I'd never actually done it before. Now I have a real memory to use next time my pants are full and dirty and I've got my fingers between my legs!

Everything went smoothly, even getting the close ups of up my skirt while I was pooping - right near the checkouts. After that point, I was aware as I walked around in my heavy poop filled diaper that I smelled BADDDDD and then I realized that we'd been seen!! Walking back down an aisle a security guard stopped us and wanted to see the footage on the camera! Holy fuck! I just freaked out and went to the checkout, leaving Paul to deal with it! Somehow he managed to bullshit his way out of it, and only showed the guard a bit of me walking around, and he let us go. Phew!

It was super scary at the time, but pretty funny now when we watch it on the movie. It's also a big turn on to look back on - getting caught with a huge poop in my pampers!! OMG!

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